Please Note that this process is applicable only for vehicles registered in Gujarat State. Vehicle Owners having vehicles registered in States other than Gujarat should not apply. Also, this process is not applicable for vehicles registered after 31 march 2019.

Fill the below mentioned required details & upload the images required to process your HSRP request

Please Enter Vehicle Registration Number only.
Eg. : GJ00AA0000.

Please upload image of Registration Certificate(RC) containing vehicle
and owner details.

Please uploads Address proof of vehicle owner.
(Voter Id/Adhar Card/DL/Passport.)

Damage Plate Available
Damage Plate Missing

Please select weather damaged HSRP available OR not.

Please upload copy of Police FIR in case of lost HSRP.


1) Give my/our consent for HSRP fitment.

2) Agree that the documents uploaded and details provided herein are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.

3) Am/Are aware of the fact that the responsibility in matters such as theft, fraud in connection with the ownership or possession of a vehicle will be my/our own and in such circumstances I/we am/are aware that the police can take action against me/us.

4) Have gone through the charges levied by the payment gateway service provider as specified and I/We agree to the same.(Payment gateway charges vary from 0% to 1.85% depending on mode of payment selected. For details please click here.)